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2016 Western
Rhynard Reunion
2011 Western
Rhynard Reunion
Loren & Ruth
Rhynard's trip
to Death Valley
Death Valley Photo Page Link
2009 Western  Rhynard Reunion
Ivan and Al
80th Birthday
2008 Western
Rhynard Reunion

2007 Western Rhynard Reunion

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Gerald William Brown.jpg (165716 bytes) Gerald William Brown was born to Gerald A. Brown, great grandson of Gerald Rhynard.

The Wedding of 

Janice Kay Rhynard

June 3, 2006

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2006 Western Rhynard Reunion

26 folks gathered in Tri City Park, Placentia, California for the 8th Annual Western Rhynard Reunion.  Ham and dessert (homemade Ice cream) were furnished and the rest was potluck.

It was a rather warm day, but a good breeze made it fairly comfortable. A good time was had by all.

10 folks came from Arizona (Frank Rhynard family), the rest were from Southern California  (Descendents of Gerald Rhynard).

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I thought I would send you some pictures of our Christmas tree trip this year.  Jayde picked the tree complete with pine cones.  The only one not with us on the trip was Levi  0272452-R1-025-11.jpg (73193 bytes)  0272452-R1-035-16.jpg (66061 bytes) 

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 P7090002.JPG (459835 bytes)  The 7th annual Western Rhynard Reunion was held on Saturday, July 9, 2005.  

Riverside's (CA) beautiful Fairmont Park was the setting.

Folks started gathering at around 11 a.m.  About noon, everyone partook of delicious grilled chicken, expertly prepared by Kathy (Rhynard) Henderson.  We also shared a tasty selection of potluck dishes.

Due to work and traveling, only 14 people were in attendance.  This was our first Western Reunion with only local people in attendance.

We had a very pleasant time in a cool shady part of the park.  Al and Ivan had put together equipment for a new game, which was enjoyed by all.



P1010055.JPG (211976 bytes)   2004 Western Reunion held July 3rd at Tri City Park, Placentia, California.



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2003 Western Reunion held July 5th at Tri City Park, Placentia, California.


2003 Western Reunion, Placentia, California P7050003.JPG (168549 bytes) P7050005.JPG (177605 bytes) P7050007.JPG (213650 bytes) P7050017.JPG (176473 bytes) P7050018.JPG (187232 bytes) 
rose2.jpg (358526 bytes)   2003 Rose Parade  
rose1.jpg (306890 bytes)   2003 Rose Parade  

2002westJPG.jpg (464600 bytes) 

2002 Western Reunion, was held on July 6th at Tri City Park, Placentia, California.





2001 Reunion, held on August 12 in the DeWitt Township Community Center.



  2001 Western States Reunion, held on July 7 at Tri City Park, Placentia, California.


  Hank (John Henry, descendent of Jasper) Rhynard's Gas Station & Farm in Maple Rapids, Michigan, 1948.
  Nona Maxine (Heath) Cheney, March 22, 1922 - May 16, 2001


Birthday party.
  Esther & Clara VanSchoyck
  Esther & Frank VanSchoyck
  1999 Reunion
Loren and Ruth's 50th Wedding Anniversary  yard.JPG (348721 bytes) ai.JPG (327571 bytes) amch.JPG (324413 bytes)  di.JPG (158885 bytes) family.jpg (434707 bytes) lesfam.JPG (308554 bytes)  rl.JPG (192319 bytes) cheryl.JPG (335501 bytes)