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Sam Rhynard of Starbuck,

 Manitoba Turned 90


Thank you for including me in your electronic mail - it is good to save postage. I have a bit of news to pass along - my dad, Sam Rhynard of Starbuck, Manitoba turned 90 years old on September 05/01. He celebrated the day with his family and friends at the Community Center where over 150 people gathered for the afternoon. Speeches were given by local politicians and family members, and my dad delivered a very interesting humorous thank you speech. He is the son of Orion Lorenzo Rhynard and Flora May Moate - they moved to Manitoba's Red River Valley in the early 1900's. They left Ohio - and ventured north with 2 children. Later their family numbered 9 but two children died in infancy. I am wondering if there are any Rhynards anywhere else in Canada other than the ones I am familiar with.  If anyone is interested in letting me know what they know about Rhynard descendents in other provinces I would be interested. I am now living in Ontario and my name is Elaine Fisher (Rhynard).

 Thanks and have a wonderful day.