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Note from David Schichner


Can you help me get in touch with Jenny Vermillion? A Google search led me to the html on

your website that has her Rhynard line. The line I am working on connects with hers big time.


I see several missing people I can fill for her, and several questions too.


I would really appreciate it if you could bring us together.


Some info you can pass to Jenny,,,

I am working on a tree for a friend, (I donít do genealogy for hire).

He is a Pastor at the church we attend, and is the son of Robert Hughes of Jennyís chart.

Robertís full name is Robert Nelson Hughes, son of Arthur John and Pearl R (Aiken) Hughes


Some have Albert as a Hughes. Makes a problem with the marriage date of 1881 (1900 census) Also, the 1877 birth year is consistent.

With regards to Albert Bailey, he is in the 1880 census of Defiance, Defiance, Ohio as Albert Hughes with

John and Sarah as the head and spouse. Usually he is found as Adelbert D Bailey. The 1930 census has him as Albert. In 1940 census he

is living at 464 Truman St, Hammond, Lake, Indiana, with wife Maude (Werutz) Bailey, daughter Madge Williams and

her husband, Delmar E, and grandchildren Donna Jean Williams and Ronald Williams, ages 5 and 3.

Adelbert was a machinist for Indiana Harbor Belt RR.


Best regards,

David Schichner

Jenny Vermillion - I don't have your contact info or email.  If you send me an email with permission to give your contact info to David Schichner, I will pass it along to him, or if you wish I can forward his email to you.  Let me know. Thanks, cd@rhynard.org.